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Solar Panel Cleaning Services

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Solar panel maintenance is often regarded as unnecessary, customers often believe that as the panels are out on a roof then they are virtually self-cleaning. This is a misconception.

Solar panel performance can degrade by 30%+ without adequate cleaning. To maintain optimal energy production, solar arrays require periodic solar panel cleanings especially in areas of high airborne particulate

There are many external influences which can contribute to solar panels becoming obstructed and lead to inefficient production. Road grime, dust, salt spray and bird droppings are just a few, left uncleaned, these can cause a higher degradation rate to your system. Solar panels laying on a flat roof are more susceptible to build up of grime and require more regular cleaning.

Cleaning of your solar panels should be part of your regular maintenance, just like cleaning your gutters.
If you would like to clean your solar panel now, Crystal Clear Solar is always within your reach. Contact us now and enjoy professional solar panel cleaning services in Melbourne

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Look After It..
A regular maintenance regime is essential for maximum Solar Energy Production. Extensive soiling can reduce your array output by 30% or more. When your Solar System is clean, maintained and in good order, you are protecting your investment...    

Don't be Fooled
Whist your panels may look clean, there may be a layer of dust and other contaminates that could be restricting light onto the panels. Especially if you live near a busy road or the beach. Get a service, you'll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes


How long has it been since your panels have been cleaned? 


Have a question? Take a look at our FAQ section to see questions people have asked before. 

Why Should My Panels Be Cleaned?
The short: to improve the output of energy you get from your solar panels. Accumulations of contaminants such as dirt, pollen, bird droppings and debris block your solar panels from the sun. This can reduce your energy output and increase the time it takes you to recoup your investment in solar panels. Energy output can be decreased by at LEAST 10% due to the residues. 

Is It Safe To Clean My Panels?
Yes! At Sun Force Solar, we ensure that no mineral deposits from your local water source dry on your solar panels. We do not use any abrasive chemicals, soaps or any other non-ecofriendly product on your solar panels. 

How Often Should My Panels Be Cleaned?
We recommend getting your solar panels cleaned ideally, every 6-12 months to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment. 6 months firm for commercial installs as the higher volume of solar panels constitutes a larger amount of money being lost to contaminants; thus, it is in your best interest to always have them clean and efficient. 

Can I Just Clean Them Myself?
Its dangerous. As soon as you involve water and a steep metal surface, the risks are far too high for homeowners. Our team is fully trained in working at heights and implement full fall protection methods too keep us safe. Also, we are fully insured so no need to worry about accidents that may occur to property.  

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What If There's A Problem With My Solar Panels?
Before each job, we inspect each and every solar panel before it is cleaned for our safety and for the safety of our customer. We will notify you immediately if we suspect there is a problem with your solar panel(s). 

Will My Warranty Be Affected?
Absolutely not. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your solar panel investment. It is even recommended by manufactures and installers to instil a regular maintenance regime.

Doesn't The Rain Clean Them?
Does the rain clean your windshield on your car?  Slightly... Sure the rain will wash away a portion of the debris on your panels but for more heavy-duty contaminates like bat/bird droppings the only method is to scrub them clean. You'd be surprised how much a difference it makes.  

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